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Here are some helpful strategies to get your client's home ready for a real estate media shoot.


- Remove vehicles and trashcans from the driveway and away from front of home
- Rake leaves or remove snow if necessary
- Pressure wash siding and clean windows


General Interior

- Open blinds to allow natural light into room
- Declutter as much as possible
- Consider taking down personal photos
- Replace any burnt-out light bulbs


- Clean and clear countertops
- Hide garbage and recycling cans in the closet
- Clean sinks and store dishes away

Dining Room

- Clear and dust the dining table
- Straighten and evenly space chairs
- Place a centerpiece on the table
- Set table if dining ware is appropriate

Living Room

- Declutter mantle/coffee table
- Fluff and arrange couch pillows
- Remove any toys, laptops, and personal items
- We suggest turning a fireplace on if operational


- Make all of the beds
- Iron bed linens
- Declutter nightstands and dressers
- Clean under the bed to ensure nothing is showing from side angles


- Clear countertops and remove all toiletries
- Clean the mirror
- Remove items from shower and towels from room
- Put toilet seat down

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